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TTF - TrueType Font File


Format introduction:

TrueType is an outline font standard developed by Apple and Microsoft in the late 1980s as a competitor to Adobe's Type 1 fonts used in PostScript. It has become the most common format for fonts on both the Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Technical details:

The primary strength of TrueType was originally that it offered font developers a high degree of control over precisely how their fonts are displayed, right down to particular pixels, at various font sizes. With widely varying rendering technologies in use today, pixel-level control is no longer certain in a TrueType font.


File extension .ttf, .tte, .dfont
MIME font/ttf
Developed by Apple Computer
Type of format Outline font
Associated programs Microsoft Windows Font Viewer, Mac OS X Font Book, IrfanView, ImageMagick, FontForge
Sample file sample.ttf
Wikipedia TTF on Wikipedia


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# Conversion Type Position
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2 TTF to PNG image FROM TTF
3 TTF to JPG image FROM TTF
4 TTF to BMP image FROM TTF
5 TTF to DDS image FROM TTF
6 TTF to DIB image FROM TTF
7 TTF to DPX image FROM TTF
8 TTF to EPS image FROM TTF
9 TTF to GIF image FROM TTF
10 TTF to JP2 image FROM TTF
11 TTF to JXR image FROM TTF
12 TTF to PS image FROM TTF
13 TTF to PSD image FROM TTF
14 TTF to SVG image FROM TTF
15 TTF to TGA image FROM TTF
16 TTF to TIFF image FROM TTF
17 TTF to WEBP image FROM TTF
18 TTF to XWD image FROM TTF
19 TTF to WOFF image FROM TTF
20 TTF to WOFF2 image FROM TTF
21 TTF to EOT image FROM TTF
22 TTF to ICO icon FROM TTF
23 SVG to TTF image TO TTF
24 WOFF2 to TTF image TO TTF