PDF Tools - FAQ


Should I grant file access permissions to the app?

Yes, PDF Tools app needs file access permissions to READ and WRITE PDF files. Tap "Allow" when a notification is popped up to ask for permission like "Allow PDF Tools to access photos, media, and files on your device?". The app may not show notification again if the permission was rejected twice on some phones. If this happens, you can change permissions in your phone's Settings. Here are steps work on Android 11 and up: 1) Open the "Settings" app. 2) Tap "Apps & notifications". 3) Tap "PDF Tools" app. 4) Tap "Permissions". 5) Tap "Files and media". 6) Tap "Allow management of all files".


How can I rearrange PDF pages?

The PDF splitter function can also be used to rearrange PDF pages. Set "Action" to "SPLIT PDF" and enter the new PDF page order in "PDF Pages" section to arrange PDF. For example: If you want rearrange a 5-page PDF to new order as "page 3, page 5, page 1, page 4, page 2", just enter text "3,5,1,4,2" to the "PDF Pages" section, then tap "SUBMIT" button.


What is PDF user password and owner password?

PDF User Password: It is also called PDF Document Open Password, which is the password used to prevent people from opening or viewing a PDF document. Once the User Password is set, in order to open the PDF document Adobe Acrobat/Reader will prompt a user to enter this password. If it is not correct, the document will not open.

PDF Owner Password: It is also known as PDF permissions password or PDF master password, which is the password used to set PDF document restrictions, which can include printing, content copying, editing, page extracting, commenting, etc. Once the owner password is set, Acrobat will require this password if you want to make any changes to the PDF document.


What kind of PDF passwords should I enter to unlock PDF?

You can leave password blank if the PDF file is secured by owner password. You can enter either user password or owner password to unlock PDF file if the PDF is secured by user password.


How to make PDF be viewed in "dark mode"?

Set "Action" to "INVERT PDF", then tap "SUBMIT" button to invert colors in PDF files.


Why is the PDF file size not reduced after compression?

The PDF file may be compressed before or has lower quality than settings. For example, changing image quality to 60 will not reduce file size if the original image quality is 60 or lower. You can try entering a smaller quality value such as 40 if this happens.


How can I send output PDF to others?

Tap "Output Files" menu, tap on the PDF file you want to send, then tap on "Share File" pop menu, choose an app such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Facebook to send PDF file.


How can I help with language translation?

Volunteers are welcome to translate text in app. To translate text in app, please download the strings.zip file and translate corresponding text in it, then send file back to support@aconvert.com when translation is complete. Thank you!