Why are some functions removed on Android 10+?

We have removed some unnecessary functions (such as PDF file searcher and output folder setting) to support Scoped Storage on Android 10 or newer. Compared to the "All files access" permission on Android 9 or earlier, "Scoped Storage" on Android 10 or newer is more privacy friendly.


Why does the output image look fuzzy?

PDF to JPG Converter creates high quality and high resolution images if using default settings, however some image viewer apps may show image thumbnail only or make image fuzzy while zooming image to fit phone screen. We recommend using the Gallery or Photos app to view output images: close PDF to JPG Converter app first, open your Gallery or Photos app, then find the output image and tap on it to view it.


Why does the image look fuzzy after sending by WhatsApp?

Some apps may use a rather aggressive compression when sending images. You need to send images in original quality. Use WhatsApp as example: 1: Rename the JPG image by changing the file extension to .doc. 2: Send the "camouflaged" document to your WhatsApp contact. 3: Your contact will have to do the reverse: download the file, open a file manager and change the extension to .jpg.


Where is the output image file saved?

The output image files are saved in the "PDF2JPG" folder in external storage by default on Android 9 or earlier. It's usually displayed as "/storage/emulated/0/PDF2JPG/", "/mnt/sdcard/PDF2JPG/", "/sdcard/PDF2JPG/", "/storage/emulated/PDF2JPG/", etc. You can change the output folder: Tap "Settings" menu, tap "Output Folder" and enter your folder name.

The output image files are saved in the "/Pictures/PDF/" folder on Android 10 or newer.


What is rendering DPI?

DPI specifies the image horizontal and vertical resolution in pixels per inch. The higher DPI value the higher image resolution. Default 300 DPI is a minimum standard resolution for document and photo printing. You can set a higher value such as 600 DPI or 900 DPI.


How to reduce output image file size?

Set rendering DPI or image quality to a smaller value. For example: you can set rendering DPI to 72 and image quality to 85 if the output images are only for displaying on phone. Changing the output format to WEBP may have a better compression ratio for some PDF files.


How can I convert PDF to one single image so it's easier to be shared?

Change "Conversion Type" option to "PDF to one single image". Each PDF page will be displayed behind the previous page. We don't recommend changing this option for PDF files which have more than ten pages.


How can I send output images to others?

Tap the "Output Files" menu, tap on the image file you want to send, then tap on the "Share File" pop menu, choose an app such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Facebook to send the image file.


How can I help with language translation?

Volunteers are welcome to translate text in the app. To translate text in app, please download the strings.zip file and translate corresponding text in it, then send the file back to support@aconvert.com when translation is complete. Thank you!