Where is the output PDF file saved?

On Android 11 or newer versions, the output PDF file is saved in the "PDF" sub-folder in the Download folder by default. It's usually displayed as "/Download/PDF/", "/storage/emulated/0/Download/PDF/" or "/sdcard/Download/PDF/". Enable the "Save as..." option if you want to save PDF files outside of the "Download" folder. On Android 10 or earlier versions, the output PDF file is saved in the "PDF" folder in external storage by default. It's usually displayed as "/storage/emulated/0/PDF/", "/mnt/sdcard/PDF/", "/sdcard/PDF/", "/storage/emulated/PDF/", etc. You can change the output folder: Tap "Settings" menu, tap "Output Folder" and enter your folder name.

The situation is complicated because the app needs to be compatible with both legacy storage and scoped storage. The old output files may not be shown in the app if your app version or Android version is upgraded. If this happens, you can use a file explorer app to open the specific folder to find old output files.

Android version App-specific folder "PDF" sub-folder in Download folder "PDF" folder in external storage
Android 4.4 - 9 /PDF/
Android 10 (file access permissions are granted) /PDF/
Android 10 (file access permissions are not granted) /Android/data/com.aconvert.jpg2pdf/files/ /Download/PDF/
Android 11 + /Android/data/com.aconvert.jpg2pdf/files/ /Download/PDF/


How can I crop or rotate images?

Upgrade your JPG to PDF Converter app to the latest version if you are using version earlier than 2.2. Tap the "SORT" button, find the image you want to crop or rotate, PULL IT TO THE LEFT, then tap on the "CROP & ROTATE" icon on the right.


Why can't I find my images in image chooser?

Your images may not be indexed in MediaStore (MediaStore provides an indexed collection of common media types, such as Audio, Video, and Images, from any attached storage devices in your phone.) yet. Try opening your images in the Gallery/Photos app once, this will make the images indexed.


How can I choose other image formats such as BMP, GIF or WEBP?

The default image chooser only lists JPG and PNG images for you to choose. To choose other image formats such as BMP, GIF or WEBP: Tap the "FOLDER" button, select the image folder and tap the "CHOOSE" button. It will add all supported image formats in this folder to the conversion queue.


How can I set output file name?

The default output PDF file name uses the first image's file name. You can set your own output file name: Tap the "Settings" menu and set the "Output Filename" option to "Enter filename manually". You can also change file name after conversion. Tap the "Output Files" menu, tap on the file you want to change file name, then tap on "Rename File" pop menu.


How to sort images?

Tap the "SORT" button to open a new form. In this form you can drag and drop to change image order or tap menu to sort image files in order of file name, last modification date, file size or numbers in file name. You can tap on an image file to view it with the default image viewer. To remove an image file from the list, pull it to the left and tap the "" icon.


How to reduce output PDF file size?

Tap the switch next to "Image Compression" to enable image compression and set image quality. Image quality ranges from 1 to 100. 1 meaning compress for small size, 100 meaning compress for max quality. Some formats, like PNG which is lossless, will ignore the quality setting.


How can I send output PDF files to others?

Tap the "Output Files" menu, tap on the file you want to send, then tap on the "Share File" pop menu, choose an app such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Facebook to send the file.


Why does the image look bad in PDF?

The image in PDF is actually the same as the image before conversion if compression is not enabled and resampling is not triggered. However, PDF reader apps need to zoom PDF pages to fit the phone screen while displaying it, images in PDF may look blurry or pixelated after zooming.


Should I grant file access permissions to the app?

File access permissions must be granted on Android 9 or earlier versions. If file access permissions are not granted on Android 10 or later versions, the app still works except for the following functions: app built-in image chooser and folder chooser, sorting images by last file modification date etc.

Tap "Allow" when a notification is popped up to ask for permission like "Allow JPG to PDF Converter to access photos, media, and files on your device?". The app may not show notification again if the permission was rejected twice on some phones. If this happens, you can change permissions in your phone's Settings. Here are steps that work on Android 11 and up: 1) Open the "Settings" app. 2) Tap "Apps & notifications". 3) Tap "JPG to PDF Converter" app. 4) Tap "Permissions". 5) Tap "Files and media". 6) Tap "Allow management of all files".


How can I help with language translation?

Volunteers are welcome to translate text in the app. Please download the strings.zip file and translate corresponding text in it, then send the file back to support@aconvert.com when translation is complete. Thank you!