Translator volunteer needed

Volunteers are welcome to translate to other languages. Thank you!

To translate, please download the en.txt file and translate text in it, then send file back to when translation finished.

You can directly edit the file translated by Google Translate if you think it's more convenient.


language Google Translate Translator Website
Arabic (العربية)   José Francisco Mendoza Martínez (not available yet)
Chinese Simplified (中文简体)   Mingyi Chen
Chinese Traditional (中文繁體)   Mingyi Chen
French (Français) fr.txt Jiangdong Yu
German (Deutsch) de.txt Kangning Han
Hindi (हिंदी)   Neeraj Sinha
Italian (Italiano) it.txt Volunteer needed (not available yet)
Japanese (日本語) jp.txt Chuang Yue
Korean (한국어)   Volunteer needed (not available yet)
Russian (русский)   Wanteng
Spanish (Español) es.txt Jia Yu