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QOI - Quite OK Image Format


Format introduction:

QOI - The "Quite OK Image Format" for fast, lossless image compression. QOI is fast. It losslessy compresses images to a similar size of PNG, while offering 20x-50x faster encoding and 3x-4x faster decoding. QOI is simple. The reference en-/decoder fits in about 300 lines of C. The file format specification is a single page PDF.

Technical details:

A QOI file consists of a 14-byte header, followed by any number of data chunks and an 8-byte end marker. The colorspace and channel fields are purely informative. They do not change the way data chunks are encoded.


File extension .qoi
Developed by phoboslab
Type of format Image format
Associated programs ImageMagick
Sample file sample.qoi
Wikipedia QOI on Wikipedia


The list shows what formats can convert to QOI and what formats can be converted from QOI. Click on a link below to start a specific conversion.

# Conversion Type Position
1 QOI to PNG image FROM QOI
2 QOI to JPG image FROM QOI
3 QOI to WEBP image FROM QOI
4 PNG to QOI image TO QOI
5 JPG to QOI image TO QOI
6 WEBP to QOI image TO QOI