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CR2 - Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format


Format introduction:

The .CR2 file format (Canon RAW version 2) is a digital photography RAW format created by Canon. "RAW" here means that this file stores information directly coming from the sensor, almost without processing. RAW files can be seen as a digital negative format, and do not contains a "ready to view" picture, like jpeg.

Technical details:

RAW file is the best quality/size ratio storage a photograph can use to store his picture, mainly because each primary color (R, G or B) is recorded in 12 or 14bits (8bits for Jpeg), and a lossless compression is used (lossy for Jpeg). Jpeg files on the opposite are "ready to use" files, but a lot a processing is necessary to obtain such file, it is made automatically by the Camera embedded software.


File extension .crw, .cr2, .cr3
MIME image/x-canon-cr2
Developed by Canon
Type of format Raw image format
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, dcraw, ExifTool, LibRaw, Picasa, RawTherapee
Sample file sample.cr2
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# Conversion Type Position
1 CR2 to PNG image FROM CR2
2 CR2 to JPG image FROM CR2
3 CR2 to BMP image FROM CR2
4 CR2 to DDS image FROM CR2
5 CR2 to DIB image FROM CR2
6 CR2 to DPX image FROM CR2
7 CR2 to EPS image FROM CR2
8 CR2 to GIF image FROM CR2
9 CR2 to JP2 image FROM CR2
10 CR2 to JXR image FROM CR2
11 CR2 to PS image FROM CR2
12 CR2 to PSD image FROM CR2
13 CR2 to SVG image FROM CR2
14 CR2 to TGA image FROM CR2
15 CR2 to TIFF image FROM CR2
16 CR2 to WEBP image FROM CR2
17 CR2 to XWD image FROM CR2