Why is the GIF file size so big?

We have seen that animated GIFs were historically the easiest, most compatible way to share short video clips on the web. However, GIFs are a terrible technology for storing video and create a slow, bloated user experience.

An animated GIF is a very bad compression format for a few reasons. First of all, GIF uses LZW, which is not a good compression format for lossless compression (deflate used by Zip is better and newer formats are even better than that), second GIF only uses 8 bit paletted images, so the necessary quantisation usually introduces noise that makes compress worse. Third and that is the main reason, GIF is not a movie compression format at all, it stores the differences between consecutive image but does that in a lossless manner, which is not useful for movies.


How to reduce GIF file size?

To reduce the Animated GIF file size then you need to change the frame size and most likely the length of the animation. Try one or more steps below:

  1. Choose "Normal Quality" instead of "High Quality". This usually reduces file size by more than 60%.
  2. Decrease video duration. We recommend setting GIF duration less than 5 seconds.
  3. Decrease GIF size. For example, convert a 1080p (1920x1080) video to 480p (640x480) GIF.
  4. Decrease video frame rate. The lower frame rate, the lower file size.


Why is the conversion so slow?

To create high quality GIF animation, the app needs to convert video files two or more times.

A GIF file can only address a maximum of 256 colors for all pixels. So it is crucial to let the essential colors in each frame of the animation very neatly fit into the Color Lookup Table (CLUT) of the complete GIF file. Therefore, the app needs extra time to create CLUT for high quality GIF files. The conversion speed is about 300% faster if you choose "Normal Quality" instead of "High Quality".


Why is the GIF displayed as a static image?

The output GIF is animation instead of static image, however the GIF animation may be displayed as a static image by some apps in old Android versions. We recommend finding the GIF image in your Gallery/Photos, then tap the GIF image to play it. Chrome browser is also a good solution to play GIF animations.


Does your online converter have the same conversion result as the app?

The app uses the same conversion engine that our online converter uses. The conversion results are the same for converting the same video files. Unlike offline conversion, online conversion doesn't occupy your phone's CPU. To convert MP4 to GIF online, click here.