This service is temporarily unavailable because of potential GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) concern.

The REST web API allows developers direct access to our online conversions. It provides easy access to all conversion functionalities available at Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, bug reports or customized requests.

Our REST web API is designed as easy-to-use as possible. With this API you can easily integrate a file conversion service on your website, app or software in a few minutes.


We provide REST web API on both Windows server and Linux server. Windows server is for document and image conversions. Linux server is for ebook, audio and video conversions.

The API URL of Windows server: (temporarily unavailable)
The API URL of Linux server: (temporarily unavailable)

API Input:

To start a conversion it requires basic inputs including source file and target format. Other inputs are optional.

Name Format Type Description
file file necessary The source file you want to convert.
targetformat text necessary The target format you want to convert to.
key text optional Enter your key to remove limitations.
url text optional The URL of online file you want to convert.
code number optional The code number to specify conversion type. The API will automatically determine conversion type based on source file format and target file format unless you specify the conversion type.
86000: Document; 87000: Ebook; 83000: Image; 84000: Icon; 81000: Video; 82000: Audio.

API Output:

Using the GET method to get information about the status of the conversion, either success or failed.

Status Result
Success Return the URL of output files.
Error Return the error message.

API Key:

The API is limited to convert file less than 100kb only. To remove limitations you need to purchase an API key. You can click the button below to make a purchase. You will get an email with key information in 24 hours after purchasing.

We also provide customized services. For example: Add a specific conversion function, deploy a brand new server for only your company to use, API URL uses your company's domain or sub-domain. Contact us at if you need customized services.

Sample Form:

This is a sample form shows how to convert PDF file using REST web API. Add a file, select target format, click submit button and wait for a few seconds.

API Key:

Local file:

Target format:

Conversion Results:

Sample Code:

The sample html source codes to use REST web API. You can save the source codes to a html file and test it.